Vegetable Uttapa/Vegetable Uttapam/How to make Vegetable Uttapa

Please check out how to make vegetable uttapam. Vegetable uttapam is a South Indian Dish. Vegetable Uttapam is made with lots of chopped vegetables and fermented rice and Udal dal batter. Vegetable Uttapa can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner with coconut chutney. Vegetable Uttapam is very good in taste and healthy.

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Gajar Ka Halwa recipe – without Khoya/Mawa

Check out how to make Gajar Ka Halwa. Gajar Ka Halwa is made of Desi Gajar or red carrots. Gajar Ka Halwa is generally made during winter season. This recipe of Gajar Ka Halwa has no Mawa or Khoya but with very simple ingredients. It is very easy to make Gajar Ka Halwa. Please check out my very simple and easy recipe of Gajar Ka Halwa.

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